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We are proud to offer services to the leading tank container operators,  logistics service providers and the chemical industry around the world our logistics specially in Turkey and the neighboring countries and worldwide.

Thanks to our long lasting experience on partnerships and agency services, we provide excellent customer experience while meeting their tank transport needs.

Hans Günkel, main director


  • Safety first
  • Logistic solutions for all kind of goods
  • High level training for all employees
  • Effective cost management for our solutions
  • Proacive working and searching for new solutions


We are proud of offering services to the leading tank container operators and logistics service providers across the world and the logistics firms in Turkey and the neighboring countries.
Thanks to our longlasting experience on partnerships and agency services, we provide excellent customer experience while meeting their tank transport needs.


We manage direct overland transportation for Tankcontainer between any point in Europe as well as to and from Turkey and surrounding countries. This is usually the fastest way of transport and we also use tanker trucks. The trucks are completely equipped as per the ADR requirements.


Transport over long distances are often more effective combining different modes of transport like truck, railway and vessel. Final delivery from the port of destination or railway terminal is made by truck. The combination of the differend modes of transport is often cheaper compared with the direct truck transport.



We manage the carriage of Tankcontainer from the producer to the nearest port or railway terminal and ensure just in time collection or delivery of your goods. This service is offered in Europe, Amerika, Asia, Turkey and Middle east.


In our Terminal at Istanbul/Gebze and depots all over the world we offer storrage of Tank container for all kind of liquids in a suitable and save manner.

In our tank container terminal in Turkey, we have a storage capacity of 17.400 tons on 15.450 sqm area.
Advantages of Tank Container Storage.

  • 24/7 safe tank container storage capacity
  • Heat controlled container solutions
  • Time sensititive goods coverage
  • Container solutions not affected by weather conditions


Our tank container terminals are equipped with electrical, steam and hot water heating systems. Thanks to the systems, your heat sensitive tank containers are always kept on the required temperature.

The chemicals are transported safely with the perfect temperature. We control and test our heating systems constantly in order to secure heating exactely to the requirement of your chemicals.

Advantages and capacity of the Tank Container Heating Systems at Istanbul/Gebze:

  • Able to heat 11 tank containers at a time
  • From 5° to 120° Celsius
  • Provide 24/7 heating services
  • Digital heat control automation
  • Able to control and record heat stability


We offer customs clearance services in Turkey and any place in the world. With the help of our longlasting experience and agents we can help you to keep your goods mooving without delay and headache and you will have your mind free for other business. We provide a unique experience and to our customers’ needs.

We as GFT set our prior goal as; Managing logistics operations with maximum safety and privacy policy to be able to maintain our customers’ interests.

We provide agency services to all the ports and railway terminals in Turkey and any other place and are in touch with our clients constanly.



Wether as interim storage or built-in, Tankcontainer are for various possibilities to create storage facilities. One or more container can store various raw materials for the production or finished products before shipping without the need of bigger changes in the buildings. Tankcontainer are available in various qualities and for all kind of material.



Tank Container


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Our ISO Tankcontainer are strong and can be shipped around the world by truck, railway and vessel.

There are Tankcontainer availabe with a capacity of 15000 to 26000 liter and for various kinds of products like gas, acid, leach of all kind and liquid chemicals generally.

There are

  • Tankcontainer with separate compartments, enabeling to load differend products in one container
  • Tankcontainer with buffers
  • Tankcontainer from different materials like steel or plastic
  • Tankcontainer with inside coverage of special rubber
  • Tankcontainer with conections for loading and unloading at the top or at the bottom

For every demand we offer suitable tankcontainer. Usually Tankcontainer c an be heated with water and steam.

20‘ container

Capacity 24 – 26 cbm

Length                 20‘ / 605 cm

Width                  8‘ / 243 cm

Height                   8‘6‘‘ / 259 cm

30‘ container (swab body)

Capacity 31 – 36 cbm

Length                 30‘ / 908 cm

Width                  8‘5‘‘ / 255 cm

Height                  9‘6‘‘ / 289 cm


  • What is ADR and RID ?

    What is ADR and RID

    ADR (formally, the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) is since 1957 United Nations treaty that governs transnational transport of hazardous materials.

    RID is the European agreement for the transport of dangerous goods by railway, and mainly in accordance with the ADR rules and regulations.

    The agreement itself is brief and simple, and its most important article is article 2. This article states that with the exception of certain exceptionally dangerous materials, hazardous materials may in general be transported internationally in wheeled vehicles, provided that two sets of conditions be met:


    Annex A

    regulates the merchandise involved, notably their packaging and labels.

    Annex B

    regulates the construction, equipment, and use of vehicles for the transport of hazardous materials.

  • What is a trailer?


    A trailer is generally an unpowered vehicle towed by a powered vehicle. It is commonly used for the transport of goods and materials.

    Trailer can be called as a semitrailer in some transportation methods. A semi-trailer is a trailer without a front axle. A large proportion of its weight is supported either by a road tractor or by a detachable front axle assembly known as a dolly. A semi-trailer is normally equipped with legs, called "landing gear", which can be lowered to support it when it is uncoupled.

    Trailers are availabe as flat, with taupolin or with container-locks.
    Specially for the transport of Tankcontainer are trailers which ends with a construction to keep possible spillage on connection/disconnection of tubes for loading or unloading. This is a safety for enviroment.

    Sizes and measures of trailers are ruled clearly on the 128th articles on Road Traffic Regulations.

  • How many ADR certified vehicle and trailer does your company have?

    We have a fleet of about 50 trailers and 25 tractors with ADR-Equipment only in Turkey. 24 trailers and 12 tractors have ADR T9 certificates.

  • How many different Heating Methods do you offer?

    We offer 3 different heating methods. Our tank container terminal in Istanbul/Gebze is equipped with steam, hot water, and electrical heating systems.
    We are able heat simultanly 6 tank containers with steam, 5 tank containers with hot water, and 2 tank containers with electric to keep your heat sensitive tank containers on the right temperature.

  • How do you handle storage?

    We have handling systems for loaded tank containers, and our tank container terminal at Istanbul/Gebze has a capacity to store up to 250 full tank containers and about 250 empty Tankcontainer at a time for storrage and heating.

gft-umweltfreundliche Erdgas-Beheizung


November 2018

Conversion of coal and oil heating to environmentally friendly natural gas for the heating of containers and offices in the Gebze terminal.

After long preparations, a new heating system for the heating of tank containers with natural gas could be put into operation in Gebze.

For this purpose, the entire associated infrastructure had to be set up and a separate supply line for natural gas laid.

At the same time, a new building for gas heating was built and the heating capacity almost doubled. The use of environmentally friendly natural gas has significantly improved the environmental footprint. The coal heating is now held only as a reserve for any failures.

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